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Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's a Wonderful Sequel ... for real? 2013 style?

    I'm not sure how I was feeling about some of the news dribbling out concerning Hollywood floating the idea of finally creating a sequel to It's a Wonderful Life. Various outlets and news were reporting that a sequel had some kind of green light and various surviving actors (including Karolyn Grimes , Jimmy  Hawkins, and Carol Coombs) being contacted about being involved in the sequel roughly titled "The Rest of the Story". I'm not sure how I feel about even the idea of one being made, but as such a fan fanatic of the film I can't say I wouldn't be tempting and obsessed with details concerning the potential project either. I seem to not be alone in those thoughts as well. Buuuuut, for better or worse the project seems to have been nixed before it even took wings. It's not like it could ever hope to capture even a tiny fragment of the magic that the original brought forth ... but if nothing else I would love to see Bedford Falls re-captured and some of the older addresses from the film recreated.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Streets and Statues while walking Bedford Falls: The Iluminated Street lamps and Soldier Statue

   I suppose when navigating Bedford Falls its nature to expect street signs, but those installed in our Bedford Falls have a flair about them that I always noticed when watching the film. The Victorian old style of the lamp posts always seem to be a great fit with the Holiday atmosphere and decorations you think of when you picture George making his run through town. The village collection rightly choose to include these as another accessory for the town and are some of the best although sadly hardest to find in the collection.
   The lamp posts though show up early in the film and either through cost or continued appeal keep throughout the 1920's right up to the shows ending in the 1940's. Here is one of the early shots when George is young.

Both sides of the street

    Later on, before marriage and still attempting to leave town we get some closer shots of the town lamps.

Busy street along with another chance to highlight pretty Violet and the near hit on one of her many admirers.  

Even later we can see that the lamp posts have remained, and even in the Pottersville timeline the cheap ruling Mr. Potter has apparently kept the street lamps as well. We catch a glimpse of the CHIRSTmas decorating on the posts if you look closely. 

Same posts ala 1940's

Close up of some of the CHRISTmas decoratiosn on the lamp posts

Pottersville lamp posts remain the same. Nice glow at night

   Earlier though we get our best close up shot of the lamps and can begin to see some details. Note the slight differences in the village placement of the street names. 

Best close up of the lamps in the film. 
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