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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Have you ever wondered if George and Mary ever did win the Charleston dance contest?

   Most people might assume that after the floor opened up, that the dance contest was over and no body every achieved first place. While we are never 100% sure, as it's not scripted who did win, we do get a glimpse of the likely winners. Not surprisingly it was indeed George and Mary based on the trophy George keeps in his office at the Building and Loan. While only viewed very briefly, the trophy looks to indeed match the one Harry holds up when he announces the contest back at the high school. Do your own comparison.

Each side has a small handle, this view shows the odd shape of the trophy

And the first glimpse with by the angle we can only compare details of the style rather than that odd shape. 

   It's possible that George got the trophy from another winning couple, to help remember that night but I would gauge that judging by their performance (in and out of the water) , that George and Mary pulled off the upset. Again, just my opinion but to me it looks like you can chalk another one up to those bailey boys.

Uncle Billy: "You just can't keep those Baileys down,
now can you, Mr. Potter."

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