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Friday, October 26, 2012

See some of the RKO picture sets and buildings they used in It's a Wonderful Life

1954 color image of the Granville House on location. 
   Very cool website with some great pictures of the sets and streets used by RKO in filming It's a Wonderful life and others. 320 Sycamore is very visible, and some of the main streets and house should jump out. Visit the link to Retroweb here. A lot of great information and neat screen shots of various things such as  the changes on the set between the winter fake snow scenes and the other shots. The site also links back to a broader homepage that has some really fun gallery's of lots for some other famous films associated with this area in the 30's and 40's including Gone with the Wind among others.

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  1. Hey Lane...I enjoyed looking around your blog. Such a great movie. I'm feeling particularly attuned to it right now because I went up to the Finger Lakes region last weekend and spent a day wandering through mean Seneca Falls. Just great. Went to the museum, too and everyone is so friendly. I do see why they think it is a good bet it was an inspiration for the film. The bridge and the old Victorian homes, particularly. Hope you haven't given up posting on the site. I know how it can get. Only post at mine once a month, these days. (filmigoris dot net)